What’s the emotion? (0+)

Karina Orlova
9 emotions
The book introduces your child to various emotions. Your baby will learn how to understand their own emotions and the emotions of other people. The book presents 9 emotions. Each one has its own spread that illustrates the emotion itself and the situation that can make us feel it.
How does it help to boost development
of you child's skills?
Just by looking at this book with your little one and saying the names of objects clearly, you can help your child to develop such skills as:
the child discovers new words and images
develop the speech by saying the word clearly
Imagine the situation
train memory by memorizing new words and images
train the attention by looking at emotion of persons
in the book
develop thinking by asking clarifying questions to your baby
How can I make reading fun?
It's important to show the baby that books are fun! This way your child will grow to love reading books.
It will also help to develop certain skills better.
Download this book and also get:
  • the layout of the book for printing in .PDF format
  • page for lesson "Draw the emotion"
  • all illustrations from the book in .JPEG format (9 pictures)
  • cards for printing in .PDF format
Download the book for free
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